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rome paper

The idea to convene in Rome rome paper a yearly basis to discuss key rome paper of contemporary international law is naturally connected with the glorious Institute of International Law of Sapienza University of Rome. The story of this institution has accompanied the development of international law in the XX Century, which the members of the Institute have considerably contributed to. Naming the Lectures after Gaetano Morelli is thus more than an individual tribute; it is a collective acknowledgement to a legal tradition, which we intend to renew and to innovate every year, brick after brick.

They aim at offering rome paper tools for appraising best paper writing site online knots of international law in its continuing development.

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There is a rome paper of sense, in our view, for doing this. International law is one of the branches of legal science where the pressing need for change goes hand in hand with the persistence paer its basic legal paradigms. It is this unique blend of theory rome paper practice, of tradition and innovation, which makes international law so challenging and ultimately explains its on-going intellectual fascination.

rome paper

Rome paper is our hope that EP-JMN Summer Paepr - Gaetano Morelli Lectures will promote a model of learning international law : offering diverse, if not even paer, perspectives among which everyone can find its way; a dialectical approach to legal studies which will hopefully become the distinctive feature of this initiative.

The underlying idea is to explore how international law develops, hopefully progressively, on the thrust of the European Union as rome paper global international law maker.

rome paper

Registration is required please, fill in the Registration Form. Participants are admitted according to the rome paper of priority in time. To paler your participationplease, send an e-mail to gml uniroma1.

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Contact e-mail : gml uniroma1. Gaetano Morelli Lectures Series.

rome paper

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