How to write a cover letter for art submission

When you apply for art shows, there will be a few things that the gallery will ask you to submit: a statement, a CV and examples of your work.

Writing a Art Gallery Cover Letter to Present Yourself and Your Work

One of these is a cover letter. A well-crafted cover letter shows a certain amount of professionalism. It tells lettr gallery curator that you take yourself seriously.

how to write a cover letter for art submission

Think of your cover letter as your introduction. It lets the gallery know who you are, what you do, and most importantly, why they should exhibit your work. Sometimes, when you have an exhibit, galleries will use words or phrases from your cover letter in their promotional material. Here is an example of a cover letter based shbmission the one from my first exhibition proposal.

how to write a cover letter for art submission

You, of course, would use information specific to your art! As a formalist, my work is about space and the relationship between shapes. However, the work itself is a unique hybrid of painting and sculpture. It is made up of layers of thin door skin, and submkssion is a contradiction between the flatness of the door skin and the three-dimensionality the layering produces.

My work also takes a form that challenges accepted ideas of what art should look like.

how to write a cover letter for art submission

It appears deceptively random, but the balanced composition is obviously intentional. There is a strange beauty in these objects, although they seem like they could have been made out letted scraps from the garbage.


Please find the following enclosed: an artist statement, an artist CV, an exhibition proposal, a CD with fifteen digital images, an image list, a print of my work, and a press clipping.

This article is how to write a cover letter for art submission of my ongoing series on how to get your art into galleries.

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