How to fax cover letter

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How to Write a Fax Cover Sheet

This lets you provide context for the document, or tell the recipient what they how to fax cover letter to do next. A fax cover sheet or cover page serves the same basic purpose. Start Faxing Now. Remember that in fwx large office, many people may share the same fax machine.

By including all of this information, you make it easier for the fax to get into the right hands.

When do you need a faxing cover letter?

Many companies create a cover page template that employees can use over and over. This could be a Word doc or PDF that employees ho fill out in just a few minutes on their computers. It could also be a pre-printed form that staff fill out by hand.

how to fax cover letter

With a traditional fax machine, remember that the cover sheet may be seen by anyone in the office. If you need to add a longer message to accompany your fax, you may want to write a fax cover letter as well.

how to fax cover letter

Unlike a how to fax cover letter cover sheet, which is a simple informational form, a fax cover letter will usually be more personalized and share additional context. Although a fax cover letter will include more information than the two to three sentences common in a cover sheet, it will often be a single page.

When you send your fax cover letter, it will be placed behind the cover sheet, but before the document being faxed, like this:.

how to fax cover letter

They can also use one of our custom fax cover sheet templates, and add it as an attachment when they send their fax.]