Good cover letter for waiting staff

How to write a waiter/waitress cover letter

If you are a people person with great attention to detail and the ability to multitask, you could be the perfect fit within the service industry. Whether you have been waitressing for several years or have no experience yet, a cover letter is the best tool to set you apart from other applicants. Prove cor recruiters that you have what good cover letter for waiting staff takes to be an exceptional candidate by showcasing your desirable skills and qualities.

good cover letter for waiting staff

Related: How to Write a Cover Letter. When writing a cover letter witing a wait staff position it is important to tailor each one to the specific role you are applying for.

Useful waiter cover letter phrases

Your cover letter is what distinguishes you as an individual. Unlike a CV that provides a factual list of your skills and qualifications, the cover letter allows you to inject some personality, letting the recruiter get to know you better.

good cover letter for waiting staff

Follow these guidelines to good cover letter for waiting staff sure your cover letter leaves a great first impression:. The opening of your cover letter needs to grab the attention of the recruiter so you must confidently explain why you are applying for the role.

If you have an authentic connection to the restaurant or brand, convey your enthusiasm about the opportunity to work for their business.

Skills to include in a wait staff cover letter

If you good cover letter for waiting staff been referred by an employee mention this from the outset, this will motivate the recruiter to find out why they think you are a good fit for the role and increase your chances of being offered an interview.

Working in the service industry has few formal requirements, therefor waiters and waitresses are common entry-level positions for job seekers. To ensure recruiters pay attention to your cover letter it's essential to show how you can add value in other ways.

Show that you are excited by the job opportunity and passionate about delivering an excellent dining experience to patrons.


Highlight key skills listed in the job description and demonstrate them using your experiences either during education, volunteering or work experience. Describe two or three key accomplishments that reflect how you deliver an exceptionally good level of service.

good cover letter for waiting staff

It can be tempting to try and list as many skills and qualifications as possible within your cover letter, but you mustn't simply rehash your CV.

Instead, provide a few succinct anecdotes that are relevant to the job description, keeping to under one page in waitjng. Good cover letter for waiting staff you have finished writing your cover letter, re-read it and identify any sentences that are too wordy and remove any information that does not directly relate to the advertised role.]