Cover letter spacing sample

Writing a standout cover letter is about more than just having great content.

cover letter spacing sample

Coming off as professional in both form cover letter spacing sample function is going to help you get noticed by spscing managers.

That means using proper spacing, margins, indentation, and length. Do these things correctly and your cover letter will be well-organized, clear, and easy to read.

cover letter spacing sample

Follow these rules and your page will look professionally done. Single-space your cover letter.

Cover Letter Spacing

Tip: You can use the same header for your cover letter as your resume. If you have a formatted email signatureyou can use that for step 8.

cover letter spacing sample

You can cover letter spacing sample a digital signature between your closing and contact info if you think it looks snazzy or, better yet, you think your prospective employer will think it looks snazzy.

Tip: When emailing a cover letter, keep your subject line clear and professional.

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Like most documents, your cover letter should be aligned to the left. At no point should you indent any of your paragraphs.

cover letter spacing sample

A good rule of thumb is to make your cover letter as aesthetically similar to your resume as possible. That means using the same cover letter spacing sample. Font size should generally be point. You can consider using bold or italicized text but use these sparingly to emphasize the key points of your cover letter.]