Cover letter for post docs

Accelerate your academic career

An effective cover letter can help you express your enthusiasm for a position, attract the attention of employers and communicate your qualifications for a specific job opportunity. When applying for a postdoc position, your cover letter can be especially important.

cover letter for post docs

Providing potential employers with your research background and academic goals can help you adequately fr who you are as an academic, researcher and educator. In this article, we explain what a postdoc is, tell you what postdocs do, explain how to write a postdoc cover letter, provide a template, show a postdoc cover letter example and list additional tips you report editing websites use to perfect your postdoc cover letter.

A postdoc, or post-doctorate, is a temporary position within academia many PhD graduates choose to pursue.

cover letter for post docs

Postdocs allow former students to continue conducting their research, grow their careers in academia and gain skills cover letter for post docs experience relevant to their field of study. Many postdoc positions are in universities but you might also see positions available within nonprofit organizations, government agencies or industries specific to your field of study.

What is a postdoc?

Science, technology, engineering and math are common topics that have postdoc opportunities, however more and more positions are opening up within social plst and humanities cover letter for post docs well.

Most postdoc positions are temporary, and some vover candidates for a future career within academia. Postdocs can help prepare you to apply for faculty positions and professorships. Typically, postdoc positions last from about two to three years, though there may be options to extend depending on your employer, university, funding status and type of research.

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While some postdoc positions are salaried, others might receive grant stipends, fellowships or scholarships as payment. Ultimately, postdoc positions provide avenues for academics to continue their studies and pursue additional research. Postdocs perform a variety of duties for the institutions employing them, but they are primarily researchers.

cover letter for post docs

They sometimes work as part of larger research teams or alongside tenured faculty or other mentors at their institution. Many postdocs undertake responsibilities like mentoring, teaching and grant writing as well.]