Cover letter for donation requests

Donation request letters are typed or handwritten correspondences requets by individuals who are looking to raise money for a project, event, expense, or other cause. They can be sent to family members and friends, members of the community, and even corporations and businesses. Donation request letters usually accompany another type of fundraising method, such cover letter for donation requests a crowdfunding campaign or a fundraising event.

Request for Donation Letter Template

Donation request letters are a more formal way to ask for donations from individuals and companies. They add some tangible significance to a fundraising effort. Donation request letters can help you connect even more with your potential donors cover letter for donation requests sponsors and bring legitimacy to your fundraising campaign. With a direct mail provider like GivingMailyou can choose from the most successful mailing options, upload your text, graphics, and supporter lists, and send your letters within minutes.

Eight Types of Donation Request Letters

A dedicated direct mail partner helps simplify the process, from pricing to sending out your materials, cover letter for donation requests you can focus more on helping your cause. Feel free to modify them however you'd like for your fundraising appeals! Most individuals who need to raise money for a project, life event, or expense find themselves turning to crowdfunding as a way to raise the funds.

Many of these people end up raising above and beyond what they needed, thanks to the generosity of their friends and family members.

cover letter for donation requests

You can send donation request letters to your family members and friends, members of your community, and even companies. They explain the fundraising literature review look and address any questions that the recipient of the letter might have, such as how the money will be used and how to make a donation.

You should send out your general donation request letters shortly after you set up your crowdfunding campaign. The two work in conjunction with one another, giving coverr two ways to donate to your cause. You can also use general donation request letters to ask for donations for life events, various expenses, nonprofit causes, cover letter for donation requests costs, and more!

cover letter for donation requests

Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to me to have your support. Personalize each letter and handwrite them when you can. This personal touch can go a long way with donors.


Sign the Letter Signing the letter may seem like a small detail, but if you type up your general donation request, it can be easy to just type your name at the end and drop the letter in the mail. Signing the letter helps to further personalize your donation request. Raise Awareness About Matching Gifts Donation request letters are a great place to include educational content about matching gift eligibility. Make sure to mention that your nonprofit can receive even more assistance if your donors look up their eligibility and complete their matches!

Corporate donation request letters are used to ask for contributions from business and corporations. They can be sent to local cover letter for donation requests, the philanthropic arm of larger companies, forr corporate foundations. The deadline for sending in donation request letters to companies will differ from business to business. Send out your letters with enough time to account for some additional conversations. If you would like, you can send a donation to [address] or contact me to set up another donation method.

Address the Right Person You might need to do a little research, but you will be much more successful if you write to cver right person within a company. Make it About the Company Companies are in business to do business, and while they often have dknation departments, they will role research proposal marketing research cover letter for donation requests faced with a bottom line.

Instead of just asking cover letter for donation requests money, make it clear that by donating to your campaign, the company will also benefit in some way. Within your letter, offer to set up a meeting or a phone call with the recipient to discuss the particulars of the donation, your campaign, and what you plan on doing with the funds.]

cover letter for donation requests