Sample law school burglary essay

Shah, Esq. First, start with a sentence that identifies the legal issue that you are trying to solve and predicts the likely outcome of the case.

sample law school burglary essay

A good issue sentence should incorporate the facts that give rise to the issues you are trying to answer. Second, state the rule or legal principle that the court will use to resolve the issue.

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Briefly state the holdings of cases, and only include relevant facts and conclusions. You may also be burglaary to explain how courts have applied the rule in the past and also how they have chosen not to apply the rule and explanation of the policy behind the rule.

sample law school burglary essay

The application section is the most important part of the analysis since this is where your critical thinking skills will be tested. No actual breaking of the door or lock is necessary.

sample law school burglary essay

Lastly, state one or two sentences concisely stating or re-iterating the likely outcome of your case, based on the application of the rule to the facts of your case. The issue is whether the defendant was negligent.

ISSUE To establish sample law school burglary essay, the plaintiff must prove a duty existed, a breach of that duty, causation, and damages.

Step 1. Identify the Question

RULE As a matter of law, we all owe a general duty of care to reasonably foreseeable plaintiffs whenever we act. However, the defendant may argue that a duty does not exist because [ discuss facts that show no duty owed ]. Nevertheless [ discuss facts or legal doctrines that break the tie one way or the other ] which strongly suggests that the plaintiff was reasonably sample law school burglary essay to the defendant.

sample law school burglary essay

The next issue is whether the defendant breached his duty to the plaintiff.]