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Who Was Ray Bradbury?

Coaches may charge more for subsequent hours. To learn more about the program and the coaches, click here.

pay to do popular biography

A powerful… Read More ». Arthur Hoyle is a writer, educator, and independent filmmaker. Photo credit: Peter Register. Biographers International Organization.

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February 17th, Panels, social hours, and roundtables are live and take place in real time. Other events are prerecorded and may be watched at your convenience, as indicated. The panels doo also be recorded and available to conference participants a week or two after the conference itself.

pay to do popular biography

Megan Marshall is the winner of the 13th BIO Award, bestowed annually by the Biographers International Organization, to a distinguished colleague who has made major contributions to the advancement of the art and craft of biography. We miss getting to biogralhy with old friends and hear how their projects are going, as well as meeting new pay to do popular biography and learning about their projects.

The recording of this event is available here. Eastern Time.

pay to do popular biography

Please share information about the Rollin Fellowship and the Rowley Prize, which are open to nonmembers, with your friends, colleagues, and networks.]