How to write a babysitting ad

If not, make sure the service you offer is clearly stated in your main description. If you offer extra services then it's a good idea to include that too, for example, can you do: housekeeping, cleaning, pet sitting, tutoring, or sports coaching?


The image you choose can make a difference in how effective a flyer can be. Choose something that people will notice, matches your personality, and illustrates the services you provide.

how to write a babysitting ad

Can't decide on a favorite image? Why not create lots of different flyers to test what works best! The size of yo image will depend on how much text you have to fit in and how eye-catching you need your flyer to be.

You have limited space so only include the most important information, and always tell the truth!

how to write a babysitting ad

See our complete list of babysitting qualifications for more ideas. See even more ideas here: What to include on a babysitting flyer.

Writing an effective babysitter job listing

See our guide: How to set your babysitting rate for help pricing your services. Your how to write a babysitting ad Just your first name is fine. The service you offer. Your contact details number or email. Click the button below to generate your free flyer and open it in a new window. You can print it from your computer or download the PDF file to print later.

how to write a babysitting ad

Kidsit can help you at every step in your babysitting venture. Click below to jump down to each help topic:. Are your flyers not printing to the edge? Is your text overlapping the tear-off tabs? Try using a smaller image, reduce your headline to one line, or shorten your text to the most important points.

how to write a babysitting ad

Is the ink running on your flyers when they get wet? Some inkjet printers use ink that dissolves in water, to stop running ink, use a water-resistant ink cartridge. Another great idea is to print black flyers then let kids color them for you!

This is not only a fun babysitting activity for kids but it looks great sample rationale essays adds a lovely personal touch to your flyers that people will notice! How do How to write a babysitting ad save my PDF file? Choose the save option from the PDF menu to save a copy to your computer or mobile phone. On mobile, you may have to tap the screen to make the menu overlay appear before you can see it.

How do I email my PDF file? First download the PDF file see above then open a new email, click the paperclip icon and select how to write a babysitting ad file to attach it.]