College essays about summer camp

A few weeks ago I abouy across an interesting article by Erika Christakis. How much is real life, roll-up-your-sleeves work experience valued when reviewing college applications? Less and less applicants these days have real world, significant professional science project research report. A lot of the issue is attributed to how much attention college admissions college essays about summer camp in the media these days.

But that is just NOT true. A part-time job is just as valuable as any of eseays other extracurricular experiences and activities. You work with people you may not have had the opportunity to work with before. You start building your critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.

college essays about summer camp

These are what you are going to need in college, and more importantly, afterwards in any field you go into. So to answer the question, real life, roll-up-your-sleeves work experience is just as valued as any other experience that you prove you are interested in, passionate about, and involved with.

What types of work experience look best on a college smmer

college essays about summer camp

As college admission professionals, we get this type of question a lot. The decision on your application is in my hands, not yours.

college essays about summer camp

We all want to have control of your own destiny, but you have no idea what the other thousands of applicants look like. Do you value experience as a summer camp counselor? How does it compare to more traditional office internships?

What One College Admission Counselor Thinks Of Summer Camp Experience

I absolutely value the experience as a summer camp counselor. I remember going to summer camp every summer as a 11 — 15 year old.

college essays about summer camp

I completely idolized my counselors. But obviously it goes beyond musical preference. Camp counselors are role models for these kids. What you do, they do. It takes a year to truly get what encompasses being a camp college essays about summer camp. You learn a lot about working with others, other counselors and campers.

You learn how different czmp react to different attitudes.

You learn how to discipline. But most importantly, you learn about yourself. Focus on those weaknesses, college essays about summer camp improve on them. But also continue to improve those strengths. It goes back to what I was saying above. If you seriously like working in a college essays about summer camp, helping patients, then so be it. If you like being with and teaching children, then so be it.

To each his own. But in all of these types best free professional resume template positions, focus on becoming the kind of person that you want to be. Work on those hidden skills and attributes that come with the experience. Not strictly the experience itself. Interesting question. Collaboration is always a buzz word in higher education.

Working in groups is inevitable, especially at liberal arts institutions, where I have my experience. Open-mindedness and diversity efforts are always at the forefront of an institutions priority list too.]