College essay write a letter to your roommate

College Essays. Are you preparing your college application for Stanford University? If so, you've probably heard about the Stanford roommate essay, which you must complete as part of your application.

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The Stanford roommate essay is a unique essay that asks every applicant to write a letter to their future roommate. In this article, we'll talk about what the Stanford roommate essay is, show several Stanford roommate essay examples, and offer tips for making your response stand out from the thousands of other College essay write a letter to your roommate applicants.

The Stanford roommate essay is one of four essays you must write as part of your Stanford University college application. Write cheap ghostwriters sites for school note to your future roommate that reveals something about you or roomate will help your roommate—and us—get to know you better.

college essay write a letter to your roommate

The Stanford letter to roommate prompt has a minimum of words and a maximum of words. Other than that, there are no specific guidelines for how you should answer the question. Since Stanford doesn't give any specific examples of what they're looking for in responses to the Stanford roommate essay prompt, you might be wondering what you should write about for the question and why they're asking it in the first place. The Stanford roommate essay is definitely unique—and you should take that as license to write about topics you otherwise wouldn't in college essay write a letter to your roommate college application.

The admissions committee includes this prompt to get an idea of what you're like with your peers, as well as how you'll fit top curriculum vitae ghostwriters service gb with Stanford's student body.

This prompt is an opportunity to show a different side of yourself college essay write a letter to your roommate what you emphasize in the rest of your application. The question isn't concerned with your plentiful extracurricular achievements or spotless academic record; rather, it's asking about what you do after you're finished studying or practicing. What do you like to do when you're just relaxing?

How To Write Stanford Room Essay With An Example

How do you spend your free time? How do you interact with your peers?

college essay write a letter to your roommate

Wrife are the quirks that make you you? Asking this question gives the admissions committee a better picture of the whole you, rather than just the student who will be attending class.

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This essay question is a great opportunity to talk about unique aspects of your personality and interests that weren't showcased in the rest of your application. If you have a special talent for, say, sketching woodland creatures in latte art, this essay is the time to share that.

If you've always wanted to write about your love for college essay write a letter to your roommate games, your Stanford roommate essay is the time and place to do so. Stanford roommate essays look very different from other types of college application essays. It's not often that you read about a student's aptitude for a frog impression or their addiction alberta essay diploma topics Bubble Trouble in a college essay.

Let's take a look at two different Stanford roommate essay examples both of which resulted in admission to Stanford and see what made each of them stand out.

What makes Stanford unique?

ChunkySpaghettiSauce wrote this essay as part of his Stanford application. He was accepted to Stanford. Feel free to grab some but don't touch the lemon off my desk whenever. I hope this works the other way around too. I have my own quirks as do most people.

college essay write a letter to your roommate

For starters, I can do college essay write a letter to your roommate hyper-realistic frog impression. Don't worry, I'll chase out any frogs yokr happen to hop inside.

Also, I prefer socks and sandals over sneakers because Top homework ghostwriting for hire au like having a breeze around my toes. You'll often find me reading old issues of Model Airplane News or munching on weirdly delicious food combos such as strawberries and black pepper.

I hum minor-key Bach fugues while studying but sing Ypur songs in the shower. I can probably make you groan with terrible interdisciplinary science jokes.

For example, what happens when a mosquito bites a mountain climber? Nothing; vectors cannot cross scalars.]

college essay write a letter to your roommate