Buy popular college essay on presidential elections

September 28, — May 15, RL When Americans vote for a President and Vice President, they are actually choosing presidential electors, known presiddential buy popular college essay on presidential elections the electoral college. The complex elements comprising the electoral college system are responsible for election of the President and Vice President.

The presidential contest was noteworthy for the first simultaneous occurrence in presidential election history of four rarely occurring electoral college eventualities.

These events are examined in detail in the body of this report.

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It authorizes each state to electionss, by whatever means the legislature chooses, a number of electors equal to the combined total of its Senate and House of Representatives delegations, for a contemporary total ofincluding 3 electors for the District of Columbia.

For over years, the states have universally required that electors be chosen buy popular college essay on presidential elections the best layout for resume. Every presidential election year, political parties and independent candidacies nominate their national candidates for President and Guy President.

buy popular college essay on presidential elections

Buy popular college essay on presidential elections election day, Tuesday after the first Monday in November November 3 inwhen voters cast a single vote for their preferred candidates, they are actually voting for the slate of electors in their state pledged to those candidates. Electors assemble in their respective states sample scholarship cover letter the Monday after the second Wednesday in December December 14 in They are expected, but not constitutionally bound, to vote for the candidates they represent.

The electors cast separate ballots for President and Vice President, after which the electoral college ceases to exist until the next presidential election. State electoral vote results are reported to Congress and other designated authorities; they are then counted and declared at a joint session of Congress held on January 6 of the year after the election; Congress may, however, change this date by joint resolution.

buy popular college essay on presidential elections

A majority of electoral votes currently of is required to win, but the results submitted by any state are open to challenge at the joint session, as provided by law. Past proposals for change by constitutional amendment have included various reform options and direct popular election, which would eliminate the electoral college system, but no substantive action on this issue has been taken in Congress for more than 20 years.

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At present, however, a non-governmental organization, the National Popular Vote NPV campaign, proposes to reform the electoral college by action taken at the state level through an interstate compact; 10 states and the District of Columbia have approved the NPV compact to date.

These included popklar the election of a President and Good objective internship resume President who received fewer popular votes than their major opponents; 2 the actions of seven "faithless electors," who voted for candidates other than those to whom they were pledged; 3 the split allocation of electoral votes in Maine, which prwsidential the district system to allocate electors; and 4 objections to electoral esl school curriculum vitae topics at the joint session of Congress to count the votes.

Electiions may serve as an elector, except Members of Congress and persons holding offices of "Trust or Profit" under the Constitution. In each state where they are entitled to be on the ballot, they also nominate a buy popular college essay on presidential elections a "slate" or "ticket" of candidates for the office of elector that electioms equal in number to the electoral votes to which the state is entitled.

In 48 states and the District of Columbia, the entire slate of electors winning the most popular clolege in the state is elected, a practice known as "winner-take-all" or "the general ticket" system. Maine and Nebraska use an alternative method, the buy popular college essay on presidential elections system," which awards two electors to the popular vote winners statewide, and one to the popular vote winners in each congressional district.]

buy popular college essay on presidential elections