Baruch college resume

Happy New Year and welcome to the Spring semester.

baruch college resume

As we brace for snowy weather, we baruch college resume look forward to all that the spring semester has to offer.

We look forward to not only seeing you on-line but seeing more students on campus and in our office. We are eager to help you explore your major and baruch college resume options and help you launch your careers.

baruch college resume

Since right now, the job market favors the job seekers, we have plenty of opportunities to network with employers and plenty of job postings available to you through Starr and Starr Search. Looking to land your dream job or internship? Join us for an intensive job search boot camp where baruch college resume will refine your resume, write your LinkedIn summary, write and practice your Personal Pitch, network with alums and practice interviewing.

baruch college resume

Not sure how to handle yourself during a meeting or interview that occurs during a dining event? Unsure of the etiquette baruch college resume food and conversation? Attend this event and learn from the etiquette master, Terri Thompson. Interested in a Career in Technology?

Project Starr: Get Hired!

March 8 — Writing Winning Resumes. Baruch college resume this workshop and learn how to develop and design a professional, marketable resume that will be well received. Format baruch college resume content will be covered. March 17 — Interview hosted by CVS. The interview is the final hurdle in the quest to landing your dream job and solid preparation is absolutely essential.]