Term paper on retailing elements of grocery stores

Metrics details. Excess calorie consumption and poor diet are major contributors to the obesity epidemic. This study seeks to understand the decision-making processes of supermarket retailers—including motivators for and barriers to promoting more healthy products—and to catalogue elements of the complex relationships between customers, suppliers, and, supermarket term paper on retailing elements of grocery stores. We recruited 20 supermarket retailers from a convenience sample of full service supermarkets and national supermarket chain headquarters serving low- and high-income consumers in urban and non-urban areas of New York.

Individuals responsible for making in-store decisions about retail practices engaged in online surveys and semi-structured interviews.

We employed thematic analysis to analyze the transcripts.

1. Introduction

Unexpectedly, retailers expressed a high level of autonomy elemenfs making decisions about food retail strategies. Overall, retailers described a willingness to term paper on retailing elements of grocery stores in healthy food best cv proofreading websites ca and a desire for greater support from healthy food retail initiatives. Peer Review reports. The obesity epidemic has been a major public health concern over the past decade, with approximately Calorie consumption oc the largest contributor to the yerm epidemic compared to physical inactivity and genetic factors [ 2 ], influenced largely by slements ubiquity of energy dense and processed foods [ 34 ].

Poor diet also contributes to the prevalence of other preventable chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease [ 56 ]. Food store purchases i. To increase more healthful food purchases, some supermarkets have begun making their own store-level changes, such as adding healthy checkout lanes devoid of less healthy food products [ 9 ]; enhancing the appeal of more healthy foods through colorful packaging, signage, and lighting [ 10 ]; offering more healthy food samples; and providing term paper on retailing elements of grocery stores nutritional information [ 10 ].

Research on supermarkets suggests there are benefits to food choice through in-store product placement, promotion [ 11121314 ], and pricing [ 151617 ]; however, it is not clear if such efforts—largely experimental or interventional—are sustainable in healthy food retail. Existing research, mostly examining term paper on retailing elements of grocery stores food stores, suggests that food retailers are challenged by higher costs, limited demand, and few supplier incentives for more healthy foods [ 181920 ].

Pinard, et al. However, like most other food retailer studies in public health, the aforementioned work only sampled small food store retailers [ 1922 ].

term paper on retailing elements of grocery stores

Term paper on retailing elements of grocery stores is not clear how transferrable elemehts findings are to supermarkets, which have a different business structure compared to small food stores. This is critical given that supermarket retailers—store owners, store managers, and corporate managers—play a central role in shaping the food retail environment. Retailers decide which products are ordered from suppliers, where some products are placed in the store [ 25 ], and how appealing signage and shelving look around various types of products [ 26 ].

In doing so, supermarkets—a primary source of food stpres a major influence on the community food environment [ 2728 ]—have the potential to make impactful changes stoes the food environment. Based upon the Four Ps framework i. We employed multiple methods by conducting online surveys and engaging in semi-structured, in-person interviews with grocfry convenience sample of 20 New York State NYS supermarket retailers.

Supermarkets were defined using the standards set by the New York City Food Retail Expansion to Support Health FRESH Program, which characterizes them as full-service stores offering groceries, term paper on retailing elements of grocery stores, example resume data analyst produce, and with at least square feet of sales floor [ 29 ].

This is not a standard threshold in other localities, but it is used in New York City where the current study was primarily conducted. To identify differences in implementation of healthy food retail strategies, we sought to recruit retailers in urban and non-urban areas, as well as from low- and high- income neighborhoods at least two stores were recruited from tracts in the top third pn income distribution [ 30 ].

term paper on retailing elements of grocery stores

Store rstailing or managers were recruited via telephone and screened for eligibility criteria. Participants had to be at least 18 years of age and responsible for making store-level decisions about procurement, placement, and retail.


Verbal consent to participate in the study was obtained from all participants over the phone during this initial contact. We convened a national advisory board of experts i. Both instruments addressed the Four Ps, as well as two additional factors: personnel and presentation.

term paper on retailing elements of grocery stores

The online survey included 32 multiple choice questions and was administered via a web link that eleemnts sent to participants via email after they provided verbal consent during an initial screening phone call. Then, a qualitative methodology was employed using min, semi-structured interviews [ 32 ]. These interviews were facilitated by one of two project staff members i.

Discussions took place either in-person or over the phone, in English, and were audiotaped. Recordings of the interviews were transcribed by a professional transcription service.]

term paper on retailing elements of grocery stores