How to write a song piano

Learn the steps piwno this guest post by St. Augustine, FL piano teacher Heather L. Music industry legend has it that Lady Gaga, being a classically trained musician, writes many of her songs on the piano first. Allow me to preface by stating that what follows is an old-fashioned method of writing snog a pencil, piano, and staff paper. In this day and age, a songwriter has how to write a song piano of forms of technology to assist him or her.

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You can create music with computer software alone, through a keyboard connected to a computer, and even through free or low-cost apps. What I mean is to decide on a theme, or hw an audience.

how to write a song piano

Do you want to write a country song or a jazz song? Classical or pop? Will it be a happy, upbeat song, or a sad, melancholic one?

how to write a song piano

Deciding on these general themes ahead wrjte time can help guide you as you dive deeper into writing piano songs. The melody and harmony are both key elements of any good piano music. When you are writing piano musicknow that the harmony is the prat that supports the melody line.

Step 1: Songs Have Melodies and Harmony

These always are comprised of more than one note. They are read up and down instead of left to right, as melodies are.

Generally, harmonies are indicated by chords. Pinao series of these chords together is a chord progression.

how to write a song piano

Each key and each tempo can affect listeners differently and are essential elements in wrte kind of atmosphere or mood that your song possesses. Before you start playing around with keys and tempos, take the time to warm up. Here are some simple exercises you can do:. Pick a tempo that matches your general song idea. Some progressions, called the Nashville progression or the pop progression, consist of these.

Play with fingers 1, 3, and 5 in both hands at the same time. Go slowly and listen carefully. How to write a song piano it up and change it around! Start with Am, then F, then C, and end with G. Something that sounds terrible today may sound great next week, or maybe even in another song that you find yourself working on down the road. When you write down your music, keep it simple. Start each measure with the next chord change and make the first few pieces smaller in hos.

Every four or so measures is the perfect place to start! In the second verse, reveal more. Now, remember, not every song has to have a bridge.

But I think that how to write a song piano can be a useful element.

Learn How To Write A Song On The Piano!

But more importantly, the bridge can be the very climax of a song. This moment may be what takes your song from being pedestrian and simplistic to something really memorable. To build the bridge, try playing only the six and fifth chords, or the four and the second chords with two beats each. How to write a song piano time, making notes and changes on the original staff paper, a final version will come together.]

how to write a song piano