Country club business plan

Willow Park Golf Course will aggressively market to both retired residents and vacationers to the Crest Canyon area.

country club business plan

Claremont Properties will market Willow Park Golf Course to the residents and visitors in their condo units.

Palmer St. Crest Lake will provide the purchasing channel for the Pro Shop inventory during the first year while Willow Park establishes lines-of-credit with suppliers and distributors.

In addition, Crest Lake will enter and recommend players to Willow Country club business plan. The competitive edge of Willow Park Golf Course is countty service, first and foremost.

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Marty Snyderman and Luke Roth, co-owners of the Willow Park Golf Course, have over twenty years experience in managing golf facilities. Marty is the manager-owner of the Crest Lake Golf Country club business plan. He has owned the course for ten years.

country club business plan

He held that position for the last five years. Before this position, Luke was the manager of the The Ridge, a unit golf retirement condo complex in the nearby community of Henderson.

country club business plan

Andrews is a former PGA tour pro. He brings a respected PGA reputation, experience in course play, instruction, and retail management, as well as an established busihess clientele base.

country club business plan

The shuttle makes the course extremely accessible to local residents. Claremont Properties will aggressively promote Willow Park Golf Course with residents and vacation visitors. Country club business plan Willow Park Golf Course sales strategy is to aggressively gain market share of residents and vacationers. The following is the sales forecast for three years.]