Business plan cover sheet sample

Everything you need to know about business plan cover sheet sample plan cover pages. Emily is a Certified Accountant and Banker with Master's in Business and 15 years of experience shret finance and accounting from corporates, financial services firms - and fast growing start-ups. You have only one chance to make a good first impression with the readers of your business plan.

What to include in the business plan cover page?

People do judge books—and business plans—by their covers. So set yourself up for success with a powerful cover page that stands out and entices the reader to find sueet more about your business.

Cover page also known as title page or cover sheet is the first page of a business plan that communicates what the enclosed document is about and highlights the key company information like name, logo and contact details, making a good impression with professional and attractive appearance. Many businesses spend hours preparing their business plans but then do not pay enough business plan cover sheet sample to the sample resume malaysia bahasa melayu page.

business plan cover sheet sample

This is a huge mistake. Keep reading to find out which business plan cover sheet sample you need to project manager professional resume in the cover page, how to structure ssmple to maximize the impact of your business plan, and to take a look at some successful examples.

Surprisingly, there are no strict rules about what to show on your business plan cover sheet, but there certainly are best practices that you should follow.

Templates and Tools to Manage Every Aspect of Your Business.

Here are 9 elements that are typically included on business plan covers, 3 of which are essential and you should not miss to include them.

The remaining 6 are optional for your consideration. Business name: The name of the company that is the subject of the plan. Contact information: Name, title and contact details e.

business plan cover sheet sample

Company logo: The logo of the company if available and desired. Tagline: Short, memorable summary of the business described in the plan. Date: In order to make sure your plan does not look outdated, include only the year of the business plan completion date.

Purpose: Why is Business Plan Cover Page Important?

If you are including both the month also, it is advisable to create a new cover sheet each time you send out the plan. Version control: Numbering each copy of the plan enables you to more easily keep track of who you sent what version of the document to.

business plan cover sheet sample

Disclaimer: Disclaimer can help protect you and your company from confidentiality and other legal issues resulting from the distribution of the business plan by indicating pln the plan is for information only, not an offering of stock in the company, and not to be shared with third parties without your prior consent. Visuals: Graphic business plan cover sheet sample or images to enhance the professional look and visual appeal of the document. The most prominent feature on your business plan cover is busoness name of your company.]