The swimmer by john cheever analysis essay

On a hot summer day, Neddy decides to take an adventure across the seemingly perfect swmmer back to his home only to find that it is empty.

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Cheever is expressing the inescapable of aging with his use of symbolism in swimming pools, alcohol, ladders, and the empty house. Along with multiple symbols in The Swimmer, one can also see reoccurring themes.

The nonexistence of a swimmdr society is a theme that can be seen in this short story.

the swimmer by john cheever analysis essay

While everything seems to be perfect in the suburb, along Neddy's journey one can see all of the problems that the town is actually facing. Problems in the county include having to sell the house, social class issues, and denied invitations.

The use the swimmer by john cheever analysis essay swimming pools as a symbol directly associates to the theme of the inevitability of ageing. Each swimming pool is a symbol of a period of time that Neddy passes through as he swims across the pool.

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What had become of the constellations of midsummer? The changing of the assemblage indicates that the time period has changed. One can see further custom essay editor services for mba of this time change with the leaves being yellow and red and then later being stripped from the trees. While only a day is passing for Neddy, seasons the swimmer by john cheever analysis essay changing around him.

Symbolism can also be seen in alcohol. The consumption of alcohol shows the unhappiness and emotional instability of Neddy. Whiskey would warm him, pick him up, carry him through the last of his journey, refresh his feeling that it was original and valorous to swim across the county" The swimmer by john cheever analysis essay 9.

John Cheever is an American short-story writer and novelist known for his portrayals of the average middle-class American. John Cheever does an excellent job creating characters that the reader can relate to.

the swimmer by john cheever analysis essay

As in "The Swimmer", Cheever once again directly desc John Cheever's, "The Swimmer," is a short story that is highly praised for its blend of essy and surrealism. Cheever conducts a thematic exploration of suburban America and focuses on the relationship between wealth and happiness.

the swimmer by john cheever analysis essay

Cheever uses Neddy's journey across the county to show the emptiness that lies beneath a life of wealth and material success. The way Cheever chooses to tell, "The Swimmer," is the key to how he develops the central theme of the story. Cheever is able to discuss the lack the swimmer by john cheever analysis essay genuine relationships that are often analyxis with In John Cheever's, "The Swimmer," symbolism is utilized as a powerful method in expressing Ned's idealistic view of his conflicted life.

Ned's empty house is effectively used as a symbol; his delusions of grandeur regarding it, is similar to his perspective of life.


Ned's reaction towards the numbe Instead of walking home or driving, he swims the Lucinda River. This "river" is actually just a string of pools that lie in people's backyards that he decides to swim through.

What sane man would swim across other people's backyards anyway? Hardware business plan sample Cheever showed cleverly and not so boldly that Neddy Merrill was a human being in trouble.

He would swim from one of his neighbor's the swimmer by john cheever analysis essay to the next until he reached home. Ned's obsession for his journey was to swim home.

the swimmer by john cheever analysis essay

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