Psychological analysis of young goodman brown essay

Essay Examples. Young Goodman Brown offers unique insight analyeis the human psyche. Through psychoanalysis, the text shows how humans are easily manipulated when shown a temptation to succumb to a primitive desire. The text shows Goodman Brown, a puritan traveling to a religious gathering, is greeted by a strange man who serves as mba assignment writing services device of revelation regarding the human mind.

psychological analysis of young goodman brown essay

Before the story can enter into the main plot, the text must overcome a problem. If this were the case, the text would imply a belief that man is powerful enough to cause its own downfall, and the ego of one individual could triumph over another.


This is not the case. This staff symbolizes two things. The first representation reveals the outside force that corrupts man. These references are complimented when Goody Qnalysis, a corrupted Puritan, greets the strange man by leaning on the staff, as a human would hug an old lover and identifies him as Satan.

psychological analysis of young goodman brown essay

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, says the conflict between the id and superego relates to aggression and sexual urges. The aggression aspect can be seen through the staff by making it a symbol of evil. Satan, or another outside evil, versus the Puritan ideals, or God, is the essayy battle between good and evil.

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Young Goodman Brown, as a text, uses the staff as a phallic symbol to symbolize the sexual urges Brown undergoes in his fight to remain faithful. In his ultimate defeat, the staff exposes the underlying conflict of good and evil as another fight altogether.

This battle actually compliments the psychological analysis of young goodman brown essay between God and Satan. It is the fight psyhological purity and holiness of the spirit pitted against the lustful wants and corruptive thoughts of the mind and body.

In Freudian terms, it is the struggle for supremacy between the id and superego.

psychological analysis of young goodman brown essay

Ultimately, Goodman Psychological analysis of young goodman brown essay allows his id to dominate the ego, which also allows the forces of evil carleton college sample cover letter win.

Young Goodman Brown uses the text to expose human corruptibility and moral impurity. Without these faults, however, there could be no humanity, and without the guiding light of God, humanity would have nothing for which to hope and pray. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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