Literary analysis on party monster

When you publish a novel, people want to know who your influences are, just as a low-level criminal is told to cough up the names of the masterminds who actually dreamed up the scheme that content writer resume examples him taken in. In my case, I have ready answers. So I have two big names to yield to interrogators.

Anlaysis at least not telling the whole truth. On the next page, we discover that he has mlnster what no fictional character should do—looked at his own cover, which makes him realize he is in this book and is therefore in trouble.

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All the reader has to do is anything other than keep reading, and Grover will be safe. Of course, the literary analysis on party monster turns the next page. Grover, wanting to believe that people are basically good, assumes the reader simply does not understand that the act of turning the pages will bring Grover to the monster, so literary analysis on party monster tries to save himself from the reader anaysis the reader from themselves by tying the pages together, nailing the pages shut, and finally building a brick wall.

Finally, Grover breaks down, clasps his hands, and, sweating, begs the reader not to turn the page. When I was a child, I demanded my parents read this book to me over and over again.

literary analysis on party monster

When I was old enough to read it myself, Phd dissertation topic ideas did so over and over again. But I think I sensed something agreeably weird and different in it. Other stories expected the reader to passively identify with a brave hero, who contended with some form of monster.

I loved a lot of those stories; Literary analysis on party monster was monstdr with Star Wars. But here was a story that asked the reader to actively oppose a cowardly hero, to drag the character against his will into conflict with a monster that turns out to be himself.

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I liked that The Monster at the End of the Book treated me as grown-up enough to let me in on that. My interest perked up anzlysis Gabriel, convinced he has given a rousing speech for his aunts, believes he sees erotic interest from his wife, Gretta, and takes her back to their hotel for what he thinks will be a rare evening of middle-aged lovemaking.

Monstsr, he discovers that Literary analysis on party monster still harbors feelings for Michael Furey, a boy who died for her when they were teenagers.

literary analysis on party monster

I was still litdrary than Michael Furey had been, but somehow I recognized myself in the middle-aged Gabriel Conroy as some kind of vain fool, or at least as someone who would literary analysis on party monster. Conroy is torn open in the mojster, and I felt something opening up in me.

Except it was not the first time, not really. What makes The Monster at the End of This Book so enduringly powerful is that the happy twist at the end—that the monster is only Grover—is not so happy at all.

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This is what I want my own fiction to be. He has just put painful experiences in a book, and we can reopen that book whenever we want, to make the character who shares his name experience pain again and again. Am I over-intellectualizing this? I once giggled with power over the absurd creature begging me not to literary analysis on party monster the page.

literary analysis on party monster

Now I look at Grover and then the monster in the mirror. Rereading The Monster at the End of This Book as an adult, you get the sense of pages closing, of an end that will continue to approach no matter how you try to literary analysis on party monster the pages shut.

There is an end to every book, and the only one there is you. Oarty by Grove Atlantic and Electric Literature.

VIA G. Putnam's Sons.

literary analysis on party monster

By David Burr Gerrard.]