Literary analysis on girl by jamaica kincaid

Our company supports Ukraine. We urge everyone to send financial support to Ukrainian charities. Every donation counts. Click here to contribute. Her mother trains her how to be an ideal and respectable lady.

The Character of the Mother in Kincaid’s “Girl”

She believes that she is the only person who can rescue the girl from a promiscuous life. She is convinced that the girl is almost lost because of the way literary analysis on girl by jamaica kincaid conducts herself Kincaid 4. The voice of the mother dominates the narrative. There are only two instances where the daughter interjects in response to her. The language used by the maternal figure, as well as the instructions she gives to her daughter, tell a lot about her character.

It also describes the relationship she has with the girl.


The mother shares her knowledge on domestic code of conduct with her daughter. It is an indication of her intelligent nature.

literary analysis on girl by jamaica kincaid

She knows how to co-exist with other people. She commands the respect of family members and the society. She has wide knowledge on domestic ,incaid Kincaid 4. The woman is also compassionate.

The Mother gives Beneficial & Negative Information to the Girl

She cares about her daughter and warns her against being careless with her sexuality. Whenever the daughter says something that is unusual, analysks mother reprimands her. She tells the girl that she needs to be a domestic professional. The woman does not expect any objection from her child. The daughter has been denied the freedom to make her own decisions on whether or not to be domesticated Kincaid 5.

literary analysis on girl by jamaica kincaid

She is a street mother who leaves no room for negotiations with regards to female respectability. A critical review of the narrative reveals that the woman is outdated.

Parents can be Overbearing on Their Children

She holds old-fashioned opinions about what a woman should be. In addition, she is convinced that a woman should be a domestic helper Kincaid 3. She is an active participant in various issues both at the family and at the community level. For example, she is involved in such community projects as fishing.

literary analysis on girl by jamaica kincaid

However, she is also unsympathetic. The woman does not give her daughter freedom to make decisions. On the contrary, she commands her by providing instructions Jzmaica 3. The fact that the mother takes the time to guide her daughter is an indication of familial love. She expects a lot from the young lady.]