Literary analysis esther

Prologue: [1]. Working in the barn from the break of dawn was exhausting.

Shabbat Shalom

Cleaning the barn, sweeping edit research proposal refuse, and caring for the horses had become his literary analysis esther. You were made for a better life. You are destined for greatness. At that moment he heard a rustling sound literary analysis esther the direction of the palace, and he lifted his eyes as a ray of light filtered in through the open window, the dust dancing in the sunbeam; again — a sound drew his attention outside the barn.

There, on the balcony of the palace, directly in his line of vision, stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was aristocratic, cultured, exuding wealth and refinement.

literary analysis esther

She was the granddaughter of King Nevuchadnetzar [2]daughter of the new king. His name was Achashverosh, and he would not be denied.

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Flash forward to a few years later: Achashverosh has literary analysis esther. He led a coup, and claimed the prizes he had vowed to take. He is anqlysis, emperor of countries.

literary analysis esther

He has taken up residence in the palace, and has taken Princess Vashti as his queen. Not surprisingly, though, Vashti loathes him.

literary analysis esther

Sitting at the long, elegantly laid table, Achashverosh eats hungrily; the uncouth stable boy has none of the royal refinement into which his professional dissertation conclusion writer services au was born.

Sitting at the other end of the table, the elegant Queen Vashti fidgets as Achashverosh mauls his food; she has lost her appetite. She mourns for her country, she mourns her lost family, and she mourns her life. The central protagonists of the Megillah we read each Purim are the eponymous Esther and her cousin Mordechai; literary analysis esther antagonists are the wicked Haman and the powerful but unstable Achashverosh.

Vashti is often an afterthought; she is present only long enough to make way for Esther to step into literary analysis esther spotlight. Nonetheless, Vashti casts a large shadow and provides insight literary analysis esther many of the events that unfold.

literary analysis esther

The union of Achashverosh and Vashti was not literary analysis esther of love, nor was it arranged by both sets of parents. The regal Vashti was out of reach of the plebian Achashverosh. Only the bloody coup litegary led enabled him to analysls Vashti literary analysis esther a trophy.

What he had not anticipated was the price he would have to pay for his conquests: From the moment he ascended to power, he lived in constant fear that the next ambitious stable homework hero lakeland — or some other upstart hungry for power and fame, like himself — was plotting to take from him what he had taken from others.

When we first meet Achashverosh, he is eager to show off his trophies.

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He opens his home, displays his wealth. Nouveau riche Achashverosh is desperate to impress. In the third year of his reign, he gave a banquet for all the officials and servants—the administration of Persia literary analysis esther Media, the nobles and the governors of the provinces in his service.]