How to write gothic calligraphy alphabet

These Gothic alphabet tutorial pages are my online effort to give you a one-to-one lesson in how to write a particular form of Calligraphj lettering.

Note: I don't teach the letters in alphabetical order.

Blackletter 101: A Primer

It's easier and quicker gothlc start with the simpler forms and move on to the more complicated. That way, you are always building on what you've already mastered.

how to write gothic calligraphy alphabet

This page starts you off with: i l n u c e. After that, the third page shows you the rest: d g z x j y a s.

how to write gothic calligraphy alphabet

And on another page are sample capital gothic letters A-Z. You might also enjoy looking through this page on how to make your own Gothic greetings card using similar lettering and some alphabbet doodling. There are loads of illustrations of how to write a Gothic alphabet step by step in the lessons themselves.

how to write gothic calligraphy alphabet

But to start with, here's a rough idea of dalligraphy this form of Gothic looks like:. By the end, you should, I hope, know more about writing Gothic than when you started. Its Sunday title is littera textualis quadrata.

Blackletter Tools of the Trade

This is the second-highest alohabet of Gothic alphabet from the period. Even more prestigious was textualis prescissa or sine pedibus. You will need First, set up your workspace and materials comfortably.

how to write gothic calligraphy alphabet

Check that you have:. A clear desk-space preferably on a sloping writing-desk, or a desk-easel.]