How to write a qualitative analysis of data

how to write a qualitative analysis of data

Tech May So much terminology, so many abstract, fluffy concepts. It can be a minefield! Words, you guessed?

Step 1: Gather your feedback

Well… sometimes analhsis, yes. Qualitative data can, and often does, take the form of interview transcripts, documents and open-ended survey responses — but it can also involve the interpretation of images and videos.

Simply put, qualitative research focuses on words, descriptions, concepts or ideas — while quantitative research focuses on numbers and statistics.

how to write a qualitative analysis of data

In many ways, qualitative data can be challenging and time-consuming to analyse and interpret. You might have subtle nuances of interactions or discussions that have danced around in your mind, or that you scribbled down in messy field notes.

The importance of qualitative data

Long story short — qualitative analysis can be a lot of work! In this post, we will explore qualitative data analysis by looking at the general methodological approaches used for dealing dataa qualitative data. There are many different types of qualitative data analysis QDA for shortall of which serve different purposes and have unique strengths and weaknesses.

how to write a qualitative analysis of data

See how Grad Coach can help you Book A Free Consultation. Content analysis is possibly the most common and straightforward QDA method. At the simplest level, content analysis is used to evaluate patterns within a piece of content for example, words, phrases or images or across multiple pieces of content or sources of communication.

how to write a qualitative analysis of data

For example, a collection of newspaper articles or political speeches.]