Hamlet literary analysis paper

Hamlet by William Shakespeare is thought to be one of the greatest literary masterpieces of all times.

hamlet literary analysis paper

This play contains a lot of things which make it amazing work. Hamlet by William Shakespeare portrays a lot of characters and things which reveal the atmosphere of uncertainty, horror, death, mystery, and instability of the nature of all the characters.

There are many symbols in Hamlet which hamlet literary analysis paper a big role in the play. There are some analysiss and images in the play which make it unique and unusual.

hamlet literary analysis paper

All these images are important in creating an atmosphere of uncertainty, mystery, and instability in the play. One of the main and the most unusual characters of Hamlet is the Ghost of King Hamlet, the father of Hamlet. Ajalysis ancient times the ghosts were meant to symbolize something hamlet literary analysis paper. In this play, it is shown that the death of the King is unclear and needs revenge.

The ghost of the dead King litrrary Hamlet understand that he was killed by his brother.

Gertrude and Ophelia

The appearance of the ghost started the whole action of the play. The ghost said to Hamlet in their first meeting:. These words made Hamlet think that his father was killed. It also created an atmosphere of hamlet literary analysis paper and uncertainty of the play. The episode on the grave hmlet Yorick has a big symbolic meaning.

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Here Hamlet faces the death. Here the line between life and death, happiness and horror are drawn. Wearing masks gives the play an atmosphere of uncertainty. All the characters are shown as two-faced people. And sometimes some characters believed in their masks which became their anaalysis nature.

hamlet literary analysis paper

Both the inner and outer features of the characters can be observed during the whole play. Both Ophelia and Gertrude wear so-called lion skins to be right persons for their relatives. Ophelia tried hard to hamlet literary analysis paper her inner world from the cruelty of Hamlet. She tried analyysis believe that he hamlet literary analysis paper her, but because of his actions killing her father and his words, she drove crazy and committed suicide.

Claudius is that very character who was trying to be the other man than he was in reality.

hamlet literary analysis paper

He was cruel; he killed his brother to become hamlet literary analysis paper King. But he did everything hamlet literary analysis paper to hide his real nature and the fact of his terrible actions. He protected himself until the last minute of his life and tried to prove his innocence. He said:. But, O, what form of prayer Can serve my turn? Hamlet himself wore a lot of masks in order not to show his real face. His mask of madness made a lot of people suffer.

The biggest example is the suicide of Ophelia. And sometimes it is hard to differentiate whether the mask or the real nature of Hamlet. Or maybe that very mask became his real face. His inner struggle made a great role in the play.]